Despite our global hopes for a speedy return to “normal”, the impact of COVID-19 continues and uncertainty remains.

Students & parents continue navigating a variety of work and school formats – fully in-person, fully remote, and a huge spectrum of hybrid models.

But online learning while sitting alone in a bedroom or at a dining room table isn’t the easiest shift for some students to make.

So a group of coaches that work with students got together and said “How can we help?” and  Online Learning Student Support created!



Focus Forward Planning

Plan ahead and avoid those last-minute surprises! 

A powerful first step to getting things done is knowing when you’re going to do it!

During these small group sessions, with support and guidance from a coach, students will plot out their schedule and homework for the coming week, creating a reasonable work plan for their week.

Additional benefits of Focus Forward Planning sessions – 

  • students will breakdown larger assignments into smaller, more manageable steps,

  • identify resources or materials they may need to gather to complete an assignment,  

  • hear how other students approach planning and tools and strategies that they use.

Mid-Week Check-In

For students who want a bit more accountability.

This add-on session is an opportunity for students to review their plan from the start of the week, evaluate their progress and adjustments so they finish the week strong.

Productivity Power Hours 

A bit of group accountability goes a long way! 

Nothing feels better than knocking out some of that work on your to-do list! 

Just getting one thing done can energize you!

In Productivity Power Hours, students bring a pre-identified task, share what they will be working on, and then get to it. A coach is available to help problem-solve small bumps, but this is primarily an opportunity to experience the benefit of working in concert with peers. Think FocusMate for students. At the end of each session students will share and celebrate their progress and, if work isn’t complete, make a realistic plan for finishing it.

Who is Online Learning Student Support? 

Online Learning Student Support (aka OLSS) was created by a group of independent coaches hoping to support more students as they navigate this unique school year of in-person, remote, or hybrid instruction by creating a supportive small group setting that is more affordable than one-on-one coaching.

OLSS is a joint venture of coaches who work with students ranging from middle school through college. We come from a variety of backgrounds, are all trained coaches and members of the International Coach Federation with our own coaching businesses where we provide one-on-one coaching services to a wide range of clients.

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