School closures, stay home orders & social distancing have shifted earning online.

But online learning while sitting alone in a bedroom or at a dining room table
isn’t the easiest shift for some students to make.

Then a group of coaches that work with students and parents got together and said “How can we help?” and  Online Learning Student Support created!

For students with ADHD or Executive Function Challenges,
and any student that is struggling to get started and stay focused on schoolwork while home.

Sessions for Middle School, High School and College Students, and parents, too!

Affordable, small group sessions, led by certified coaches.

The Online Learning Student Support Coach Team


A 45-minute academic planning session will help students make a plan for the coming week of online learning.
You will get organized and make a schedule –

  • What do you have to do and when
  • Identify resources for getting help.
  • And explore ways to get started, stay focused and get assignments done.

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Don’t sit alone while doing school work!
Log in, introduce yourself & share what you’ll be working on.
Then get to work in two 15-minutes blocks, w/ a 5-minute check-in in between.
We’ll wrap up sharing how you did, what you still need to do & when you’ll do it, and if you have questions, who can help you.

Sessions for middle school, high school and college students.

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45-minutes of useful strategies to help parents help their student transition to learning from home without getting sucked into a parent micromanaging vortex.

We’ll explore ways to encourage student’s planning and scheduling, getting started and staying focused. And how to find a balance between supporting your student and being a productive telecommuter.

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