Not many students are used to learning online while sitting at home, so this session will help you plan your week!

What homework do you have and when are you going to do it?

We will also explore ways to get started and stay focused to finish your assignments.

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Sundays @ 5pm (ET) w/ Lollie – middle & high school

Mondays @ 10am (ET) w/ Lollie – middle & high school

Mondays @ 11am (ET) w/ Kate – college students

Mondays @ 2pm (CT) w/ Diane – middle & high school

Fridays @ 12pm (ET) w/ Jill – college students

Check back often!
More coaches & sessions will be added as they become available.

OLSS Participating Coaches

Diane McLean

Odyssey Learning

Kate Barrett

Coaching Cville

Lollie Weeks

Fast Brain Coaching

Nicole Whitaker

Grounded Growth Guidance

During these uncertain days, remember to be kind to yourself and those around you. And keep singing the alphabet song while washing your hands!